Digital Forensics: The Academic Library and Beyond

April 27 - 28, 2017
Norris University Center
Northwestern University 
Evanston, IL

The BitCurator Users Forum brings together representatives from libraries, archives, museums, and related information professions engaged in (or considering) digital forensics work to acquire, better understand, and make available born-digital materials. The 2017 forum will be expanded to two days providing even more opportunities for community members and users to engage and learn from each other. It will balance discussion of theory and practice of digital forensics and related digital analysis workflows with hands-on activities for users at all levels of experience with the BitCurator environment, digital forensics methods in general, and other tools used in digital analysis and curation. 

avatar for George Blood

George Blood

George Blood Audio/Video/Film
avatar for [Matthew] Farrell

[Matthew] Farrell

Duke University Archives
Digital Records Archivist
avatar for Bonnie Gordon

Bonnie Gordon

Rockefeller Archive Center
Digital Archivist
avatar for Heidi Elaine Kelly

Heidi Elaine Kelly

Indiana University
Digital Preservation Librarian
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Cal Lee

University of North Carolina
avatar for Susan Malsbury

Susan Malsbury

New York Public Library

Mary Mellon

Indiana University Archives
Digital Archivist
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Luke Menzies

Indiana University
Digital Preservation Technician
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Chris Muller

George Blood Audio/Video/Film/Data
Data Rescue Manager
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Shira Peltzman

UCLA Library
Digital Archivist
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Keith Pendergrass

Harvard Business School
Digital Archivist
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Tim Walsh

Concordia University Library
Digital Preservation Librarian

Dorothy Waugh

University of York
Digital Preservation Archivist

Lauren Work

University of Virginia
Digital Preservation Librarian